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Investing with Claravest: The Process

We are on a mission to make real estate affordable and accessible for all by allowing you to invest in properties starting at  Rs. 1 Lakh only (approx. $1,200) and earn rental yields plus property appreciation. 

Our process is faster, easier, and more transparent than traditional real estate investments. Here's how it works:

Four Simple Steps

Number 1


Browse through the list of carefully vetted investment properties available on Claravest.

Browse real estate properties on Claravest, a fractional ownership platform.
Invest in real estate properties with Rs 1 lakh only
Number 2


Invest any amount you can afford. Starting with Rs. 1 lakh and up to the total investment price.

Number 3

Earn Income

Earn annual income over your entire investment period.

Earn passive income by investing with Claravest
Gain property appreciation with Claravest investments
Number 4

Exit & Cash Out

At the end of the investment period, we will sell the property and distribute your share per your investment.

The Claravest Operational Model

In addition to making the investing experience faster and easier, we have spent a great deal of time developing an operational model that allows us to maximise returns for you. Below is an overview of our operational model. 

Claravest perfoms due diligence on all listed real estate properties

Due Diligence

Our team conducts extensive due diligence for each property to ensure there is minimal risk to investors.

Claravest develops financial model for every investment opportunity

Financial Model

We develop the right financial model for each asset to maximise investor returns.

Claravest ensures legal compliance is taken care of

Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

Every property is being held by an SPV to enable fractional real estate investment via pooled funds.

With Claravest, property investors do not have to worry with the various logistics associated with buying real estate.


We take care of the entire property lifecycle, from purchase to property management and sale.

Reasons to Invest with Claravest

Claravest has dramatically improved the real estate investing experience. We have built a robust operations strategy and focused on many other benefits that make investing in top-quality real estate more accessible. Below are few advantages of investing with Claravest

Claravest provides rates higher than most fixed deposits.

Higher Returns than Fixed Deposits

We strive hard to ensure that the returns provided on our platform are higher than fixed deposits interest rates provided by most banks.

Avoid market volatity by investing in real estate properties with Claravest

Avoid Stock Market Volatility

By investing in real estate-backed assets, one can avoid the stock market's rollercoaster ride while earning a steady source of income and property appreciation.

Complete transparency and safety with Claravest

Complete Transparency

Transparent investment process where all details, such as payout schedules, property documents, and investment certificates, will be provided.

Image of small amount of rupee

Low Management Fees

We are proud to offer a low management fee to our investors, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment without worrying about excessive costs.

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