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About Us

We are on a mission to make real estate affordable and accessible for all.

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Historically, real estate investments were accessible only to high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors. Investing in real estate requires a deep understanding of the market, a large upfront financial commitment and a significant amount of time and resources.


At Claravest, our goal is to reduce such barriers by allowing retail investors to invest fractionally in properties and earn high yields plus appreciation.

Meet The Founders

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Mananki Parulekar

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"Majority of the population do not have access or resources to invest in real estate; we want to change this. We are built for people who want to diversify their investments by investing small amounts of money in multiple high-growth properties and build their wealth."

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Karan Shetty

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"Traditionally, real estate has been seen as an investment for the wealthy. We believe this asset class should be accessible to all. We are trying to solve this by providing a platform with carefully curated properties with attractive returns and low ticket size."

Our Story

Karan and Mananki were raised in India and moved to Silicon Valley to pursue their Master's in Information Systems. During their decade-long journey in the valley, they always thought of ways to invest in the real estate asset class for passive income, but they realised that the barriers to entry were too high; they either needed massive capital or had to take out a loan.

At the same time, they noticed that the Indian real estate market was growing rapidly, and people were facing the same problems they had encountered in the United States. Determined to find a solution, they quit their jobs and moved back to India to start Claravest.

The company mission is simple but powerful: to make real estate investing affordable and accessible for all. Claravest gives people the opportunity to invest as little as possible and still enjoy the benefits of real estate returns. We believe that generating passive income and diversifying one's portfolio are critical components of achieving financial freedom.

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Reach out to us

If you would like to learn more about us or have a property that you would like to list, do not hesitate to reach out.

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