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Invest in real estate starting with Rs. 1 lakh only.

With Claravest, earn high returns on Indian properties by fractional real estate investing.

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How Claravest Works

In Four Simple Steps

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Browse through the list of carefully vetted investment properties available on the platform.

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Invest any amount that fits your budget.

number 3

Earn Income

Earn annual income over your investment period.

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Exit & Cash Out

At the end of the investment period, we will sell the property and distribute your share per your investment.

Why Invest with Claravest?

Image representing rupee in the hand

Passive Income

Receive a passive and consistent income against each investment. 

Image representing low barrier to entry

Low Barrier to Entry

Invest in real estate in India starting with Rs. 1 lakh only (approx $1,200)

Apartment Building

Access to Real Estate

Traditionally, the real estate asset class was only accessible to High Net Worth Individuals, not anymore!

Pie chart image which represents a diversified portfolio

Diversified Portfolio

Add real estate to your investment portfolio.

Image representing fixed returns in INR

Steady Returns

Unlike the stock market, we offer steady annual returns on your investment. 

Image of a laptop representing that physical presence is not required

Digital Experience

The entire investment process is digital so that you can invest in our properties from any part of the world.

Our Mission

At Claravest, we are on a mission to make real estate affordable and accessible for all.

In The News

  • What is Claravest?
    Claravest is a real estate technology platform where investors can browse various residential properties and fractionally invest to earn yearly yields and property appreciation. Our mission is to make real estate affordable and accessible for all.
  • Who can invest in the properties listed on Claravest?
    Indian citizens, companies, HUF/Trust or NRIs can invest in our properties. Kindly note that NRIs must have an NRO account to invest.
  • How can I have confidence that Claravest will deliver the expected returns?
    Claravest has a strong emphasis on investor protection. In fact, we go the extra mile by investing in every property ourselves, demonstrating our belief and commitment to the listings we offer. This further assures our dedication to generating favourable returns for our investors.
  • How does Claravest work?
    Claravest will perform due diligence, identify properties in high-growth locations with minimum risk, and list them on our platform. Users can browse through these properties, invest as per their budget, earn yearly yields and cash out with appreciation during their exit. Check out our “How It Works” page for more information.
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